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Cuoretone Fitness Centre


Cuoretone Fitness is a premium Fitness Center situated right in the heart of Edapally Toll at Grand Mall 3rd Floor. Here, the customers can opt for membership with or without personal training at Cuoretone Fitness Center.

Established Personal Trainers can train their own clients at Cuoretone Fitness Center on a contract basis, with the best equipments, facilities and scientific guidance. Alternatively, the clients can also bring their own Personal Trainers on External Trainers Contract basis. Cuoretone also supports more sophisticated client-based Fitness and Wellness programs for high profile Clients/Celebrities. The Key objectives were to handle to the Social Media Accounts of Cuoretone Fitness Center, enhance the Brand Identity and bring about Brand Awareness in Ernakulam. The challenges apart from increasing followers and likes, was to create a engaging community and motivate working staff, trainers and client to post user generated content organically. We wanted Fitness to be a lifestyle rather than a luxury. We wouldn’t have taken up the project if we ourselves didn’t believe in it.

RRATIONAL worked with Cuoretone Fitness Center from October-January. We took over Facebook and Instagram and helped to enhance the Brand Identity and user experience. Team RRATIONAL  optimised the Instagram Feed, advised content strategies, came up with the push-up challenge that got 6 entries, 4000+ views and 400+ engagements. RRATIONAL also ran sponsored ads for Cuoretone Fitness Center during the timeframe we handled their Social Media Accounts. We also were in charge of the Online Reputation Management (ORM) of Cuoretone.

RRATIONAL also provided a tagline which is still used today: Where Fitness meets Sophistication“. Also the punchline Train Hard, Beat the Best, which again is still in use. We also provided an average of 40 leads/month, 67098 avg Reach/month, 82,664 avg impressions/month.

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Facebook Likes- 2825->3143, 🔼318 Likes
Instagram Likes- 420->670 , 🔼250 followers
Total Reach-268392🔼
Total Impressions-330656🔼